Damp proofing in Grimsby!

Damp proofing in Grimsby!

Category: Structure Waterproofing

A huge contract supplying and installing a Newton damp proofing system for a housing association in Grimsby. The system is being installed to provide protection against rising damp, that has proven to be a big problem in this area!

Damp in the home could lead to a number of problems if left untreated. With over 45 years of damp-proofing experience at PRS, it has enabled our team to install the system quickly and effectively by our qualified damp-proofing technicians. Over 2000m2 of damp proofing membrane have been installed by our team this year alone!

The wide variety of Newton membranes has meant that different products could be used to form this particular system. Newton waterproofing systems are industry leading manufacturing specialists, which has meant that the systems we supply and install is very effective at protecting against the damp!

Are you having damp issues? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to see what is the best solution for you!