Gas Protection At M1 Services

Gas Protection At M1 Services

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Visqueen Gas protection at the Skelton Lake services on the M1 motorway in Leeds!


A £60 million ‘new concept’ motorway services area being developed on the M1 near Leeds which will be safeguarded by Visqueen gas protection systems when it opens in January 2020.

The Leeds Skelton Lake MSA occupies a 30-acre site and is being delivered by owner and operator Extra MSA Group.


Some 4,000 square meters of Visqueen Gas Barrier have been installed at this project. This has provided protection for the main food court-style facilities building and a 100-bed hotel that connects to it. In addition, 1,500 sq meters of Visqueen Gas Vent Mat have been laid beneath the hotel slab to enable ground gases such as radon, methane, and carbon dioxide to dissipate safely to atmosphere.  The use of Visqueen vent mat and Visqueen Gas Barrier formed the majority of the system. The use welded joints in this system allows PRS to install the membrane, cheaper and to a lot higher standard. As a result we were able to stick to schedule, work efficiently and effectively with other trades, allowing us to provide a brilliant service for our client.


PRS have had the pleasure of working directly with Visqueens technical department for a number of years. As a result, it has allowed us to build a very good relationship with the global company. We are in constant contact with their technical managers.  They offer PRS daily advice, often coming to site meetings to check progress and advise for any on-site variations. Because of this, it allows PRS to be flexible and durable where site plans may change and small problems will arise as the project progresses.


Professional Remedial Services offer an installation service for gas proof / gas resistant membranes. This is to allow for additional protection to structures and buildings from potentially harmful ground gases. For example, Radon, CO, Methane and Hydrocarbons. We are specialist gas proof /gas resistant membranes installers. PRS also offer a 10 year warranty for any structural waterproofing works that we carry out.