Gas Protection in St Helens

Gas Protection in St Helens

Category: Gas Membrane Protection

Visqueen Gas protection in St Helens!

PRS Ltd are pleased to have been awarded the gas membrane package for this housing development. As a result PRS were able to supply and install the Visqueen gas protection system. The new development is on  Low field Lane, St Helens.


On Low field Lane in St Helens, a brand new luxury housing estate is being developed.  The land is contaminated and as a result, the use of Visqueen gas protection system will be used for this project in St Helens. The new site will have 82 new properties and homes for the people of St Helens. The house types vary from across the site, for example a big block of flats, semi-detached and detached housing. A wide variety of houses from big to small are available. This allows these homes to be more affordable for the public and first-time buyers.


PRS has installed Some 4,000 square meters of Visqueen Gas Barrier for the new housing in St Helens’. The system is being installed to provide ground gas protection. The use of welded joints in this system has allowed PRS to install the membrane, cheaper and to a lot higher standard. because of this, we were able to stick to schedule, work efficiently and effectively with other trades. This has allowed PRS to provide a brilliant service for our client.


PRS have had the pleasure of working directly with Visqueens technical department for a number of years, allowing us to build a very good relationship with the global company. As a result, we are in constant contact with their technical managers who offer PRS daily advice, often coming to site meetings to check progress and advise for any on-site variations. This allows PRS to be flexible and durable where site plans may change and small problems will arise as the project progresses.


First of all, Professional Remedial Services offer an installation service for gas proof / gas resistant membrane. Protection to structures and buildings from potentially harmful ground gases for example Radon, CO2, Methane and Hydocarbons are very important. We are specialist gas proof /gas resistant membranes installers. PRS also offer a 10 year warranty for any structural waterproofing works that we carry out.